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"The stories we repeatedly tell ourselves create powerful results in our lives. At Get Fairy Tales, our stories naturally inspire you to tell more empowering and life-giving stories... about yourself, about your life, and about your relationships."  

Debbie Happy Cohen, Author


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Who they are for

Our fairy tales are written for children and inner children, sharing messages of of love, kindness and compassion.   

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Listening to a story can feed your soul.

Do you remember what it feels like to listen to your favorite story?  Perhaps sitting rapt next to a record player or radio, or curled up next to a family member reading to you? 

Welcome to Get Fairy Tales!  While our stories are new and original, the act of simply listening to someone tell a story is timeless.

We invite you to close your eyes, relax and let your imagination take flight as you listen to, what we hope will become, some of your favorite stories.



Dearest Debbie,
I was blown away and in tears when hearing the story of Stella the Bluebird.
What a surprise! What a precious gift!
Your Magic Tale has brought love and warmth to a cold and lonely place, hidden in the darker caverns of my childhood. Your Nurturing Magic Branches extended out to me, read me at my core and tenderly embraced a speechless little Me. Naming things you couldn´t have possibly known, your Fairy Tale has created a healing field for me and opened pathways to express the love i was told i didn´t have.
Better than 10 years of therapy!!!
What exquisite Life Magic gifting me with You and your Magic Stories showing up in my life! I feel blessed."

~ Natascha Jean-Marain, Vienna, Austria

"As adults, we need fairy tales. Your fairy tales have ignited a magical fire in my imagination, a fire which hasn’t been lit for a long time . . . or, it is as though my imagination had become black and white… and your stories have brought the color back! I feel the return of innocence and the magic of a child opening a present!" 
~ Paula Hulley, Artist, Balgowan, South Africa

"These bedtime stories are for busy parents, JUST PRESS PLAY!
They are are for the inner child in all of us, and for children of all ages."
~ Sandina Rizzo, San Mateo, California

"These are the kind of fairy tales every child should have."
~ Keisha in Jacksonville, Oregon

"At Get Fairy Tales, there is a story for every inner child."
~ Rev. Kelley Springer, Talent, Oregon

"Dearest Debbie,
Wow what a delightful surprise you embedded in Lila the Lemur's story! 
Duncan and I settled in to listen to it last night as part of his bedtime routine and then we heard my name - he giggled and wriggled with delight as you repeated it in the story.  Thank you. I am honoured that I share my name with Lila's little sister!! I need to listen again and again but wanted to make sure I thanked you right away. 
Thank you for embracing me in so many ways! 
~ Milisa Burns, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We create our fairy tales for those who believe our world can be a better place.

A world where our hearts and souls are free to thrive, where kindness and compassion are natural, and where the best in each of us can emerge . . .

Come into our world,  where we are bringing back storytelling time through the spoken word . . . people from all around the world, sitting around a fire, someone telling us a story . . .

So wherever you are, whether you are by yourself or with someone you love, we hope these fairy tales will ignite your heart and your imagination.

We also can create unique, customized, original fairy tales JUST FOR YOU!

Visit our store for more information.
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Paula and dillans awesome egret village at get fairy tales dot com


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